CB Pygmies

Guard Dogs
Our herd is also home to a pair of Great Pyrenees cross livestock guardian dogs, as well as a purebred Maremma, named Google, Caboose, and Mhysa. They are in charge of protecting the herd from predators, such as coyotes and mountain lions.

Senior Does
Our senior does are all from champion-winning lines, and proven mothers, in addition to performing well in the ring. All of our senior does are well-socialized, and kid easily. 

We work with our wethers from an early age to encourage a calm, friendly temperament for ease of showing. All of our wethers are show-quality and come from excellent breedings.


Our bucks are quality, champion-winning goats, and are all proven sires. They all come from champion-winning lineages and produce show-quality kids. 

Junior Does
A junior doe is a doe under the age of 2 years, who has not freshened. All of our junior does show great potential for the show ring, and have fantastic temperaments.

Our Herd

Our Herd